We are highly experienced insurance experts. Our Primary duty is the interest of our clients. We bring an unmatched combination of industry-specific expertise and years of insurance brokerage experience to develop customized insurance packages for organizations across various sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Values Form the Foundation of All Our Partnerships

Message from the Founding Partner

The amazing and exciting journey at AIMS Gulf started in the year 2007. With the help and support of my partners, I came to Saudi full of confidence and hope, and dreams! Throughout two years of market studies and extensive work, we decided to invest in what I know and love most, at that time it was 25 years of career and business life: INSURANCE. It is as such that AIMS GULF was born and licensed to operate in KSA in the year 2009.

I am today extremely glad and proud to have served as CEO for 10 years, since the start-up, before leaving this operative part and responsibility to my successor. We all wish him luck and success for the continuation of our exciting journey.

And how can I not remember each member of the team, who was and still providing support, dedication and passion to what we do. It is with them and thanks to their efforts that we are here today. Our main assets are the quality of their work, dedication, expertise and enthusiasm. And our confidence is strong, we will continue to go far and far with our dreams and hard work to take our company and staff to the highest levels and become a market leader.  AIMS Gulf is determined to continue to hire and retain talents and create a strong employer brand, offering competitive packages and providing opportunities for professional growth and personal development. And naturally, supporting these values will also extend to the well-being of the families and personal lives of our team. 

We have created a supportive environment that values employees personal lives and builds loyalty, engagement and productivity. That is our deep belief to participate in social renaissance and improve the over-all wellbeing of individuals and the community.  We can feel how our workplace is diverse and celebrates differences and encourages equal opportunities for all. We embrace different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences to spark creativity and innovation. 

Elie Ziadeh

Message from our GM

With all the challenges we have gone through these past couple of years, from the Covid-19 pandemic to the rising economic crises, our determination and commitment to ensure safe business growth for our clients has never been stronger.

AIMS Gulf has proudly been in business for more than ten years. While understanding the enormity of the challenges, we remained committed to our mission and have grown in pursuit of excellence.

Our client’s trust in our services and the long-lasting partnerships solidified AIMS Gulf’s reputation as a leading insurance brokerage firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At AIMS Gulf, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations by helping them navigate the ever-changing risks in their industry.

We will always stay true to our promise: to secure safe business growth for all our clients. Always.

Abdulrahman Alsuwaigh