Our Primary Duty is the Interest of the Client

We act as your advocate and adviser in all your dealings with the insurance companies. With our deep knowledge of all business industries in Saudi Arabia and our solid partnerships with regional insurance companies, we can provide you with tailored insurance coverages that best suit your business needs within your set budget.

Our Process

Fact Finding

As a first step, we collect data about your company. We visit your establishment, learn the ins and outs of your business operations, and use the information to understand your business’ specific risks.

Market Research and
Data Collection

We conduct market research to find you the policies that your business requires and collect quotations from Saudi Arabia’s best insurance providers.

Comparative Report

We compare the insurance policies and fully explain everything you need to know about each policy, its terms and conditions, and its prices, so you can make choices in an informed way.

Tailored Insurance

With our team of experienced insurance experts, we offer recommendations on the best insurance policies that your business requires and create a comprehensive insurance plan with a solid retention strategy.

Contract Signage

Once we get your feedback and approval, we provide you with a detailed insurance contract ready to be signed.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

Our support does not end here. We provide continuous assistance in case of any claim and update your insurance plan whenever new risks emerge.

Our Insurance Products