Saudi Arabia

  • مفهوم الشمول المالي

    هو المكان الذي يمكن للأفراد والشركات فيه الوصول إلى منتجات وخدمات مفيدة وغير مكلفة وهي خدمات تلبي احتياجاتهم التي يتم تقديمها بطريقة مسؤولة ومستدامة. ويتم تعريف الشمول المالي على أنه توفر ومساواة في الفرص للحصول على الخدمات المالية

  • Why to Deal
    with Aims Gulf

    Aims Gulf evaluates and understands its client needs and combines that with its knowledge and experience to tailor the best affordable insurance coverage possible.

  • Appropriate

    Aims Gulf has developed an insurance technical platform in Lebanon and internationally; Aims Gulf works closely with its international strategic partners and representatives to monitor and access market trends; this enabled Aims Gulf to serve and provide expert consultations to its clients regardless of their geographical location.

  • Will they
    pay the claim?

    Aims Gulf maintain strong and long-lasting relationship with the risk holders and the adjusters. Throughout the claiming process, Aims Gulf keeps its clients well informed and does its best to reimburse its clients within the policy terms and conditions.

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Welcome to Aims Gulf Insurance Brokers

Aims Gulf provides a high quality Insurance brokerage service to businesses. With our dedicated, qualified and experienced staff we can provide a complete solution which ensures that your total cost of risk is identified and minimized and that you have a comprehensive wealth management program in place.